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Hell Is For Heroes

Tonight I’m going to see one of my favourite bands, Hell is for Heroes. The band have recorded three albums and touted extensively, but never really achieved mainstream success. It’s a shame, because they’re one of the most talented and hard working bands that I know. Tonights show at the Kentish Town Forum is part of their last tour, with contemporaries Hundred Reasons. Much as I’m excited to see them, it’s quite sad to see two amazing bands disappearing when they deserved so much more recognition. Xx

New Music Monday - Deadmau5 feat Gerard Way - Professional Griefers

I discovered this completely by accident, as I happened to catch someone at work watching it. Completely fell in love with the song and the video is just incredible. I’ve never been a huge fan of electronic music (and having had a listen to Deadmau5’s new album ‘Album Title Goes Here’, I’m still not convinced by the tracks with no vocals), but I’ll definitely be giving it more of a chance now. 


Goodbye beautiful Helsinki, I will miss you.

I wandered about the city last night, seeing each place for the final time. Went down to the harbour, chatted with some footballers from seinäjoki and then went back to the hotel to sleep.

Packed up this morning, ate a quick lunch at the train station (which I know my way round really well now!) and hopped on the airport bus.

I know enough Finnish to understand what the conductor is saying now, which was pretty helpful when some Japanese tourists needed help. I don’t think they even realised I wasn’t a local.

Just waiting for the check in at the airport now. Very sad to be leaving! Oh well, until the next adventure..


The Long Road Home

I’d planned to leave Inari today, getting the bus back to Rovaniemi, It leaves the centre of town at 12:10pm I checked out in good time, but didn’t fancy a walk with a heavy suitcase through the snowstorm.

The usual (good English speaking) receptionist wasn’t there, so I asked the slightly more elderly (and much less English speaking) lady to phone me a taxi, explaining I had to catch the bus.

'I will phone for you' she promised and moments later, had a quick phonecall in Finnish. 'it comes at 5 past' she told me.

I looked horrified. ‘but the bus leaves at 10 past! How long is it to town?’

She assured me it was just a few minutes, completely oblivious to my panic.

I paced the floor outside nervously. 5 past came. I frantically stared at the clock, feeling sick. 6 past. Maybe the bus would be late because of the snow.

7 minutes past. I looked out the window to see my bus. Turning into the road. It parked in front of the hotel and the driver got out.

My fear evaporated as I realised she hadn’t called a taxi. She’d called the bus company and asked them to pick me up.

I should probably have more faith in people.


Horse Riding in Inari

Today was my favourite day so far. I’d booked horse riding in the Sami village of Inari, northern Finland which I travelled up to last night.

The snow hit here yesterday, transforming it into a Narnia-esque world of arctic pine forests. The hotel I’m staying at is right by the river Juutua, which looks absolutely beautiful with the sun setting over it.

The guide agreed to pick me up from the hotel at 10am. I waited by the entrance, watching the snowstorm, half expecting a Sami man to turn up with the Norwegian horses in tow.

It turned out to be an Australian woman in a car. The scheme is apparently run by volunteers, given free bed and board in exchange for their work. Lucky for me, the staff were all fluent English (two Aussies and a British girl).

They hadn’t been here long and were still adjusting to the snow. As were the horses. Mine was determined to escape. We took two for a ride, when the other made a break for it. Mine tried to buck, but luckily a few summers of rising lessons kicked it and I managed to stay on! The guides were amazed.

In return for the trauma (I was fine), they let me play with the huskies. They were so adorable and so friendly. I must’ve had about 20 husky cuddles.

Cute as they were though, apparently one escaped once and killed 9 reindeer. The huskies are bred for their friendliness to humans, but they’re still hunters deep down.

I was feeling pretty frozen by this point, so we drove back to the farmhouse and had hot chocolate and pizza. The guides were so friendly, we chatted for about an hour and then they dropped me off at the Siida Museum (about Sami culture).

It’s definitely worth a look around, there’s some really interesting info about the changing seasons and pieces from a local Sami artist.

Afterwards, I went across the road to the silver jewellery shop. Spent quite a while chatting to the (very cute) guy behind the counter as he played me some Finnish metal music. His dad, who owns the shop didn’t look very impressed.

For dinner, I wandered through town looking for a takeaway. Found a kebab shop, so thought I’d give it a try. As I explained to the owner that I don’t eat meat, he turned really helpful. ‘you eat this?’ yes. ‘You eat this?’ no. Ended up with a nice salad wrap.

Definitely the best day. Xx

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